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Huacai (Shenzen) Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

LED linear trunking systems, architectural LED linear slots, flexible LED strip lights, LED light bars

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  • Phone: +86 755-2613 5888
  • Fax: +86 755-2923 4929
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    Room 1201, Kingkey Binhe Times Square, Futian, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Huacai Optoelectronics specializes in designing and manufacturing flexible LED strip lights, LED light bars, LED linear trunking systems, architectural LED linear slots, and LED power supplies. Founded in 2008, Huacai has been bringing to the market a stream of product innovations tailored to meet the demands of the architectural, commercial, retail and interior lighting design communities for linear lighting, under cabinet lighting, decorative lighting and signage lighting. With an instinctive understanding of lighting and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Huacai continues to expand and innovate to produce products that exemplify a true balance of the style and quality.

Huacai Optoelectronics is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, where its innovative research and design team works to transform the industries of their expertise and push the boundaries of LED technology to create products with distinctive design and years of operational reliability. Huacai's proactive, attentive marketing team is also based here to provide outstanding customer service, address questions and concerns, and assist customers with their diversified needs. The company's 20,000 square meter facility in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province features the most technologically advanced equipment that include high-volume, high-speed automated SMD and SMT production lines. With its in-house engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities, Huacai Optoelectronics provides a one-stop solution that can accelerate the transition of customer's concept to measurable value in an industry-leading efficiency.

Today, Huacai is known for its distinguished lighting solutions sought by those for whom architectural aesthetics, design flexibility and failsafe reliability are of paramount concern. Linear solutions by Huacai Optoelectronics integrate sleek styling, rugged mechanics and optimal performance all together in one complete solution, expressing a seamless synthesis of refined aesthetics, intriguing features, seamless controls integration, and exceptional energy efficiency.
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